Top 3 Reasons jobseekers need crm

Memory fails, Inboxes get cluttered, and Excel Spreadsheets can be a pain to manage!

1. Organization – Job hunting is stressful! CRM provides you with the much-needed organization which studies have proven, reduces stress levels.   Having a pipeline of multiple opportunities builds the confidence needed to help you as a  JobSeekers stay confident and in control of your career.

2. Your Memory’s Not Perfect – How many applications have you submitted? Who contacted you? What are next steps? Are you finding it hard to answer these questions? You need CRM.

3. You’re Not Doing Everything You Can – Did you send that thank you note?  Did you follow up on that job lead your friend mentioned? CRM helps you follow through with actions that ensure you won’t miss any great opportunities. 


Helping Smart People Find Work Smarter

It’s no secret. The way employers recruit is dysfunctional. OppSecrets is all about helping you to function within the dysfunction.

There’s been a fair amount of media attention where employers claim there is a shortage of talent in America, and how scores of positions go unfilled. 

There’s no shortage of anti-discrimination laws. However, proving and prevailing in a claim can be near impossible. 

There are plenty of unfair and unethical methods for eliminating potential candidates from the hiring funnel.




Ageism is a prime example of a very real but difficult to prove.

“You’re overqualified,” is often code for you’re over the hill.

ATS or Automated Tracking Systems are electronic systems designed to eliminate you from the candidate pool. As much as 75% of applicant resumes are tossed before being seen by human eyes. And if you’re lucky, that resume you spent hours on, is reviewed by a person for about 7-10 seconds. 

Any typos? You’re done. Do you have a difficult to pronounce or ethnic sounding name? That can get you rejected too. 

OppSecrets is dedicated to helping jobseekers prevail in this increasingly competitive, employment landscape. 

Even when unemployment numbers are low, scores of real people struggle to find real jobs which is why we’re here.


Sherrill Austin

Dallas, TX


“I started losing my confidence and was completely ignorant of job seeking process in the US, having just come from India..”



Jacksonville, FL


“After being let go after 6 years working for the same employer I took a few months to relax figuring I’d land somewhere relatively fast. I had no clue how difficult finding work is.”

Victor Smith

Houston, TX


“The JobSeeker Toolkit was a great help! And the CRM or ORM (Opportunity Resource Manager) as I like to call, it really helped me stay on top of my search for work.”


Allison Morgan

Los Angeles, CA


“A friend referred me to OppSecrets and so glad she did. I’ve learned more about how to be strategic in my job search.”